Guiding you to a healing diet

Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to knowing how to eat healthy or what supplements to be taking? The Oxford Recovery Center wants to help you optimize your diet for healing.

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Oxford Nutrition Coaching

What am I supposed to eat?

Oxford Recovery Center places great emphasis on a healthy diet for overall healing and recovery. Supplements can be good, too, when used appropriately. But many dietary deficiencies can be corrected with changes to the diet alone. In general, supplements should only be taken if there is a clear reason to do so, preferably based on lab testing, and cannot replace a healthy diet. At Oxford, we offer a number of laboratory tests for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, neurotransmitters, hormones, and other key nutrients that we view as very important. Not everyone needs every lab test that we offer. The exact nature of any optimal testing will be determined at your initial nutritional evaluation.

How does Oxford Nutrition Coaching Work?

Nutrition Coaching starts with a comprehensive nutritional evaluation. When you schedule your nutritional evaluation, our office staff will provide you with an in-depth questionnaire about your dietary and health habits. At your appointment, a broad overview of the diet specific to your needs will presented for you. Our clinic has found that when people begin to eat a non-processed foods diet, the therapies that we offer have even more impact. This is why we recommend specialized diets for all patients. At your first nutrition appointment, various testing will be discussed and a decision will be made about which labs to order.

Even while your labs process (usually 3-6 weeks), you will want to get started with some coaching sessions. Our nutrition coach is trained to answer specific questions you might have about getting started on the selected diet and implementing practical steps for you to get there. These sessions are a wealth of information and we encourage you to make coaching sessions weekly initially, or as often as you feel necessary at this stage.

The next step is our Review and Update appointment. At this appointment, all lab test results will be available and ready to share with you. Your progress with the health coaching sessions will be discussed and reviewed in terms of your laboratory results. At this point, a decision can be made about whether any supplements or nutritional products would be helpful.

Lab re-testing is always an option, especially later on after your body has had a chance to fully respond to the changes in your diet and the supplements you are taking. We will encourage you to continue your nutrition coaching sessions bi-weekly at this point, or as often as you feel you need to. A coach can be a wonderful guide and counselor, both in terms of technical information and in terms of motivation and encouragement. We want to see you regain your full health! (top)

Liposomal Therapy

In recent years, a major breakthrough in the oral delivery of supplements has been in the form of liposomal technology. By making a substance (whether it be a drug or natural supplement) liposomal, we are wrapping the substance in a lipid (a fat). By encapsulating the substance inside a fatty layer, the substance becomes much more absorbable. In the marketplace, liposomal drugs and supplements have become the most effective products in their respective fields because of their delivery mechanism. The amazing thing about liposomal encapsulation is that it is a remarkably simple process, and many are performing the process at home with a simple blender and resonance-delivery mechanism. What has proven truly remarkable about the liposomal delivery method is that it makes substances even more bioavailable (absorbable) than IV injections have been able to achieve. This is truly good news for anyone spending several thousand dollars a week on IV antioxidant therapies. Liposomal products are only a fraction of the cost. This is why at Oxford, we do not provide IV therapy. We instead make liposomal products customized to each individual. (top)

Does Oxford Offer Intravenous (IV) Therapy?

Because of its high cost and highly invasive and inconvenient nature, the Oxford Recovery Center does not offer intravenous therapy. An increasing number of doctors’ offices are offering IV therapy, where vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients are injected into the vein of the patient. IV therapy can be helpful because certain supplements are not readily absorbed for a variety of reasons. For example, the bowel tolerance point of Vitamin C can reach 100 grams with good tolerance. Large doses of Vitamin C, glutathione, and other antioxidants have shown to be extremely effective in combating chronic disease. However, IV therapy can be very costly, invasive, and inconvenient. (top)